Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing and Adult Education

Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing and Adult Education


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What Is a Non-Traditional Student?

There are lots of different definitions of a non-traditional student. This is ours. In the most basic sense, a non-traditional student is anyone who returns to the classroom after leaving the traditional high school to college path.

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How Do I Make My Screen Font Larger?

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This may seem like an odd question to top the list, but adult students come in all ages, and many of us are still a tad bit baffled by all of the cool new electronic tools available to students. The problem is, the smaller the devices get, the easier it is to hit a few wrong keys, and before you know it, your screen font is so small you can't read a thing. We've got a simple solution: Screen Font Too Small?

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What Should I Go Back to School For?

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Seriously. This is a common question. And it's really not that off-the-wall. We list the top 13 industries offering the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. If you're going back to school to get a better job, this is actually a good question to ask.

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Why Use Ice Breakers in the Classroom?

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Our collection of ice breakers is one of the most popular sections of this site. Why? Because going back to school can make adults nervous, which can get in the way of learning. When adult students feel more comfortable in the classroom, they get down to the business of learning faster. There are other reasons, too. 5 Reasons to Use Ice Breakers in the Classroom

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What Are the Principles of Adult Education?

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You can thank Malcolm Knowles, a pioneer in the study of adult learning, for these five principles of adult learning. If you teach adults, you need to have a good grasp of these.

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What's the Best Lesson Plan Design for Adults?

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Like anything in life, you'll find various opinions on the best lesson plan design for adults. We think this design is effective, easy to follow, and easy to adapt to any subject. It's based on one-hour segments, with built-in breaks, important for adults.

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Can You Teach Creativity?

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Can you teach creativity? That depends on a lot of things, including the people involved and their willingness to try, but it certainly can't hurt to try, and this creativity game is one of the best ways we've found.

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What Is GED?

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If you didn't finish high school in the traditional fashion, GED is absolutely something you need to know about. It's your ticket to a better job, a sense of satisfaction, maybe just peace of mind. Not only will we tell you what GED is, we'll help you earn yours.

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What's on the GED Test?

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Now that you know what GED is and have decided to go for it, what do you need to know? We'll tell you what to expect in each section of the GED test.

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What Is Professional Certification?

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Almost every professional in your life, including your doctor, lawyer, and favorite computer geek, has a certificate that validates his or her training. Interested in getting one yourself? We've got info for you.

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Which Entrance Exam Should I Take?

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One of the first things to worry about once you've decided to go back to school is which entrance exam you should take, and whether or not you can pass it.

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Which Degree Should I Get?

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There are so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which degree you need for the job you want. We'll help you sort through it all.

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What Are CEUs?

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What Are CEUs? The acronym stands for Continuing Education Units. What are they? We can explain.

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Can You Help Me Pay for School?

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Can I help you pay for school? Uh, no. Sorry. But I can give you information on where to find financial aid: 10 Facts About Financial Aid

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What's My Learning Style?

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Learning styles are very controversial. Take the learning styles tests in our collection, and decide for yourself. We also have an article about the controversy itself. Join the conversation.