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'The Odyssey' Vocabulary

Understanding the vocabulary of The Odyssey is essential to understanding the epic poem as a whole. This list includes a wide variety of words that connect to poem's narrative in meaningful ways. (All vocabulary words have been selected from the modern translation of The Odyssey by Robert Fagles . ) 01 of 16 Ambrosia Definition: the food of the gods in Greek mythology Example: “And the goddess drew a table up beside him, / heaped with ambrosia , mixed him deep-red nectar.
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Francisco Morazan: the Simon Bolivar of Central America

Jose Francisco Morazan Quezada (1792-1842) was a politician and general who ruled parts of Central America at different times during the turbulent period from 1827 to 1842. He was a strong leader and visionary who attempted to unite the different Central American countries into one large nation. His liberal, anti-clerical politics made him some powerful enemies, and his period of rule was marked by bitter infighting between liberals and conservatives.
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10 Facts About Orangutans

Among the most distinctive-looking primates on Earth, orangutans are characterized by their high degree of intelligence, their tree-dwelling lifestyles, and their strikingly colored orange hair. Here are 10 essential orangutan facts, ranging from how these primates are classified to how often they reproduce.
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Caroline Young Murdered Her Grandchildren for Revenge

Carolina Young was a 51-year-old grandmother who was convicted of murdering her two grandchildren. She received the death penalty. Young stabbed the children to death after learning that she had lost a custody battle with her grandson's father. Young received custody of her two grandchildren because their mother, Vanessa Torres, was deemed unfit and was sent to jail after she was convicted of being involved in drugs and prostitution.
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Solve for the Variables Answers are on the 2nd Page of the PDF

01 Of 10 Solve for the Variables Worksheet 1 of 10 Algebra Worksheet 1. D. Russell Print the PDF worksheet with answers on the 2nd page of the PDF. These 10 worksheets involve solving the variables. This concept requires an understanding of variables and intro level algebra concepts. There are 10 questions on each page with answers on the second page.
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